How to use micro SD card in Samsung Galaxy S3

We show you how to insert and install it, mount/unmount it and also format the Micro SD Card or Micro SDXC card itself.

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Just a quick video on how to install a Micro SD Card in Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone and also how to format it so the phone can recognize the media once the Micro SD Card is in the Micro SD Card slot.

Not everyone knows how to do this, so this if for people who are new to smartphones and especially the Samsung Galaxy S3, SIII i9300 smartphone

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25 thoughts on “How to use micro SD card in Samsung Galaxy S3

  1. if i put a sd card on s3 can i use it as my main like the s3 had for example if i download games can i put the data to the external sd card? thanks

  2. I am using the samsung galaxy s4 and when insert the sd card and go to storage it still says insert sd card even though it is in the phone what could i do to fix this?

  3. During the Format SD install, it’s asking me for a PIN. Is that my screen lock PIN?
    I insert that but nothing seems to happen but I do think the SD card is installed/formatted.

  4. I put a 32GB sd card in my Samsung galaxy s3 but it still says I don’t have any storage space available .
    What should I do ?

  5. Thanks Inam! I formatted my sd card but now I need to tell it what to put on that card b/c my regular phone storage is full. Can you please help me with that part? Thanks in advance!

  6. I also have inserted micro sd card and it still says to insert it. Thus pushing mount doesn’t do any good. Suggestions?

  7. Do you know why my Samsung 32Gb Class 10 microSD card is seen in setting as 29.23Gb (correct size)
    But every other application, including AirDroid and and connecting to a PC see’s it as only being 9.28Gb???
    When i go to more a 4.32Gb file, it says there isnt enough room?
    Thank You

  8. I inserted a 32GB brandnew micro sd card and followed your steps, but when it comes to ‘Mount SD card’, it is greyed out, so I don’t get to even tab on it trying to format it. Any idea why?

  9. Ok this is probably a dumb question but how do I work it? Is it like the phones base memory? If i download pics or apps is the memory from the sd card used??????? Please reply. I keep getting memory low message even though it is formatted.

  10. It’s considered external memory so It wont be the base memory. There are guides available on WonderHowTo’s website that will show you how to switch between external and internal.

    Otherwise cut n paste is going to be your only other option.

  11. the thing is when i want to move apps to the sd card i cant see the button shows move to sd card when they can , please help me

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